In-Depth Wash & Ceramic Seal


This service includes:

- Safe psi rinsing with deionized water.
- PH Balanced Snow Foam Soap presoak.
- Another Rinse.
- Gentle Hand Wash of vehicle.
- Rinse & Dry
- Rim and Tire care - Rinse and Dry.
- 6 mo. Rated Ceramic Sealant Application. (Like a wax but hardier)


Duration: 1hr   

Please note an in-depth wash cannot always remove all traces of bugs, nor does it remove fallout, iron, or other particulates imbedded in your paint. For the most thorough cleaning, its recommended using our In-Depth Wash + Chemical and Clay Bar Decontamination Service.


Chemical & Clay Bar Decontamination

Removes Imbedded crud from your clear coat & helps sealants bond.


This service includes:

Everything in the In-Depth Wash & Ceramic Seal plus Chemical & Clay Bar Decontamination.
This is a 3 stage chemical decontamination including iron remover, tar remover, plus Clay Bar. After your vehicle is Clayed a 6 month ceramic sealant and Uv protection is applied.


Duration: 2-3hrs   

Polishing & Compounding

Get the most out of your paint with our Polishing and Compounding.


This includes everything in our  In-Depth Wash & Ceramic Seal with Chemical and Clay Bar Decontamination Services.

- Using a buffer along with the proper polishes and/or compounds, we either use light or heavy pressure to remove the absolute minimum amount of clear coat and all the imperfections that lye in it. This minimizes swirls, marring and imperfections, while removing light scratches, and making  large ones less noticeable, When finished we'll have restored your paint to a high definition glow.

Pricing is dependent on a accurate assessment of your paint and your level of desired outcome. Once we're on location and obtain this info will we be able to quote you more accurately.


Duration: 7hr   


Ceramic Coatings

The Ultimate Protection, Shine, and Glow


Applying ceramic coatings is a long and tedious process. It involves all of the other exterior services as prerequisites. starts with an in-depth wash, clay and chemical decontamination, rim & tire care, a 2 step paint correction using proper ceramic primers, and finally the application of 2 layers of our 5 year rated Avalon Kings Armor Shield IX ceramic coating to your windows, paint, and trim. This process will remove imperfections for your paint, the primer fills in left over micro abrasions, and the ceramic brings out a shine like no other and protects your paint for years to come!

A ceramic coating is an application on top of your paint, windows and trim, etc on the exterior of your car. It is made up of the chemical formula SCI02. SCI02 is a liquified silica that is applied to your paint and hand buffed off. This process leaves a extremely long lasting glass like film that is 15x harder than the clear coat itself. Even though it offers great uv protection and can substantially lessen swirls and marring, it's important to know that this film does not make your car scratch proof but substantially more scratch resistant. It's Hydrophobic property repels water making your vehicle easier to clean along with less frequent cleanings. Offering 5 years of paint protection and even longer with proper maintenance.


Duration: 9hr   


Interior Detailing

Hey...Accidents happen, Nature calls and Things get Worn and Dirty...


Leave it to us to make it like new again.
When Booking this Service we will get all the details when we contact you.
*Interior details include a basic wash*
- Complete vacuum & shampoo.
- Multi step wipe down of all the little nooks and crannies.
- Window cleaning.
- Leather cleaning and conditioning.
- Optional added fragrance.
Add additional Interior Services:
- Pet Hair Removal: +/- $15
- Steam Extraction: +$30
- Ceramic Protection: +$75 (Condition your Carpets and/or Leather with a Hydrophobic and Stain Resistant Treatment.)
Odor Removal:

- Mold, Mildew, Code V, Uirne "You Know What" removal: starts at $250.
- Cigarette Smoke: starts at $400 We guarantee the smell out!
Let us get to know you and your vehicle. We can give you a more accurate/ Fair pricing, most often lower than what we have listed above.

Duration: 2hr   

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